Attorneys – How to get involved







  1. Public interest non-profits and attorneys in private practice doing pro bono work can recruit law students to help with client intake and interviewing, community legal education, courtroom representation, fact investigation, legal research and writing, government paperwork, or special projects. Law students can work in your office on a weekly basis throughout the semester or can help you with a specific case or project.
  2. If you plan to use law student volunteers in your office, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Most law students can volunteer only a few hours per week and can make commitments for only a semester at a time. It is essential that you supervise and mentor your volunteers—they will get more out of the experience and you will get better work product.

Attorney Forms and Instructions:

  1. Project Request Form. Fill out a Project Request Form and submit on-line or return by e-mail, fax, or mail.
  2. Meet with your volunteer student. The student will contact you to set up an initial conference. During this conference, please explain to the student your expectations for the pro bono project and allow the student to ask questions. If for any reason, you believe the student will not be a good fit, please contact Director of Outreach Beth Hopkins.
  3. Set up a volunteer schedule. Either at the initial meeting or soon thereafter, set up the date, start-time and end-time the student will be volunteering. For off-site volunteers, set up a general schedule of how often or when the student should check in with you. For semester-long commitments, please keep in mind that students have mid-term exams and final exams and should not expected to volunteer during these times.