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Professors Serving the Public Interest

Professor Alan Palmiter

A quick summary of my public service over the last few years:

  • board trustee –  AIDS Care Service, only non-profit in community serving our brothers and sisters with AIDS
  • advisory board member – new WF Center for Sustainability (policy and community outreach)
  • member – subcommittee of NC bar association revising state law on limited liability companies
  • presenter – “business law update” for NC bar association’s business law annual meeting
  • court expert – securities regulation cases (alleged Ponzi scheme and overcharging by mutual fund groups)
  • co-signer – amicus briefs to US Supreme Court on securities regulation
  • math tutor – high school students in ESL program

Professor John Korzen

Pro Bono representation:

I have represented at least 60 clients pro bono over the years, including indigent criminal defendants in federal district court, indigent criminal defendants in federal circuit courts, and indigent civil plaintiffs and civil defendants in state court.  I represented indigent clients during my 11 years of private practice before joining the Wake Forest faculty, and here at Wake Forest I continue to represent several clients per year pro bono in the Appellate Advocacy Clinic.

Amicus briefs:

I am a member of the Legal Affairs Committee of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, an organization of trial lawyers dedicated to representing individuals.  On that committee, I help to evaluate requests for amicus assistance and also draft amicus briefs.  Due to that work, I was twice awarded the “Order of Service” by the North Carolina Advocates for Justice.

Law-related organizations:

I am one of 10 founding members of the Middle District of North Carolina chapter of the Federal Bar Association, which chapter began in 2010.

When I practiced in Greensboro in the 1990’s, I was on the Board of the Guilford County Bar Association and Co-Chair of the Pro Bono Committee.

CLE speaker / organizer:

On about 20 occasions, I have spoken at Continuing Legal Education seminars sponsored by the Federal Public Defender of the Middle District of North Carolina or the North Carolina Advocates for Justice.  For the Advocates for Justice, I organized a day-long seminar on appellate practice.

High school mock trial:

I have been active in the Wade Edwards Mock Trial competition, an annual competition for North Carolina high school students organized by the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, as a judge, juror, and coach.  For two years, I coached a team from Bishop McGuinness High School.

Charitable organizations:

I have been an officer of two local non-profits, as Secretary of Kids Voting of Guilford County, Inc. and as Treasurer of Central Carolina Children’s Chorus.  In both organizations, which were new at the time, my responsibilities included doing all the paperwork to obtain their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Professor Ronald Wright

Here is a partial list of what is on my calendar for 2010:

January through March:  Advise on the drafting of appellate brief for the Federal Public Defender in the Ninth Circuit, an issue under the Second Chance Act.

May:  Advise colleagues at the University of Arizona regarding memo analyzing the operating of the state immigration bill, SB 1070.

May-June:  Presentation on Padilla v. Kentucky for continuing legal education program of the NC Bar Association.

July:  Assist with the filing and negotiations for a Medicare claim.

August:  Advise on drafting of appellate brief and formulation of Supreme Court argument, for the Federal Public Defender in the Ninth Circuit, an issue under the Second Chance Act (different case from the one earlier in the year).

August:  Advise on drafting of petition for writ of certiorari, issue involving waiver of trial rights.

September:  Participated in practice argument for attorney preparing for Supreme Court argument, a sentencing issue.

October-November:  Helped coordinate training for pro bono project for students at Forsyth County District Attorney’s office.