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The Growth of Pro Bono

Wake Forest Law is known for its dedication to Pro Bono work. Over the past year, our students expanded and improved the Pro Bono Project through tireless work and creative thinking. The table below gives a small summary of the increased impact Pro Bono had during the 2016-17 Academic Year.

Fall 2015   Academic Year – 2016-17
175 submitted their hours   268 submitted their hours
1827 total hours logged   6150 total hours logged
32% student body participation   54% student body participation


Individual Project’s Impact

In addition to the generalized numbers above, each Pro Bono project has demonstrated its ability to do great things for those in need.

  • Lawyer on the Line: During the Spring 2017 semester, our Lawyer on the Line project successfully completed 54 cases for Legal Aid of North Carolina. That’s a new record! Participating students gained real-world experience by communicating with clients, interacting with a supervising attorney, and drafting legal advice.
  • Teen Court: During the 2016-17 Academic Year, Teen Court continued to grow and positively impact the Forsyth County and Winston-Salem Communities. This initiative not only works closely with juveniles in the local court system but provides Wake Forest Law Students the unique opportunity to argue cases and improve litigation skills.
  • Healthcare Advocacy: Under the leadership of Darryl Walton (JD ’18), the Advance Directives Pro Bono Project evolved into Healthcare Advocacy during the 2016-17 academic year. This new and improved version of Advance Directives now gives students the opportunity to give informative presentations to local community centers and assist with a broader range of end-of-life decisions. During the Spring 2017 semester, a group of students traveled to Brunswick County, NC and helped local residents complete advance directive forms.
  • Prison Letters: Prison Letters continues to grow and continues to help increase the outreach of Prison Letters by collaborating with the Innocence and Justice Clinic. We are now receiving letters through that clinic.
  • Expungement: The Expungement project has reached new heights through its newpartnership with Samaritan’s Ministries and ESR. Our clinics have been a hugesuccess. With the help of Judge Hartsfield, our project co-coordinators have been ableto work with the Clerk of Court and Legal Aid to attend the clinics so the expungementprocess can begin on the spot.

Annie MatonisTeen Court20150922_0012Ban the Box Expungment Clinic Green Street