Education Surrogacy

Education Surrogacy


Education Surrogacy provides students in the foster care system with “surrogate parents ”for their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings. IEPs help to address and accommodate any specific educational needs the student may have. These meetings convene parents, teachers, therapists, and others who can ensure that the child receive appropriate accommodation. Surrogate Parents advocate for the child in the same manner as a parent or guardian. Their job includes getting to know the student and his or her needs, and then ensuring the school provides the student with everything to which he or she is entitled.

Our Role

This project is great for anyone who is interested in working with children, especially children with disabilities, in the future. You will gain experience in interviewing, negotiation, research, empathic listening, and education law. In addition, anyone who is interested in human rights or civil rights will find this is an effective way to actively work towards securing the rights of people who have been discriminated against systemically.


We will work with Legal Aid of North Carolina and the Department of Social Services.

Training 2-3 hours

Training will consist of (1) an overview from Legal Aid of North Carolina, (2) a discussion with the project coordinator about working with the children, and (3) separate reading materials.

Fall 2016 Training: September 10th| All day | Location TBD

Abbreviated Training

Pro Bono Opportunities

This is a long term commitment. We hope that students will stay with their child for at least a year–if not longer. The amount of time will vary from child to child, but given the monthly review of documents and regular meetings with the child, on average students will perform three hours each month. Prep for the IEP meetings (roughly every six months) will take an additional three hours.

Signing Up

Contact Hillary Frame at, to learn more about getting involved!

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