Healthcare Advocacy

Advanced DirectivesOverview

The Healthcare Advocacy Pro Bono Project focuses on educating the community on the  importance of making medical decisions and setting priorities well in advance of any potential need. Healthcare Advocacy expands on the work of its predecessors (Advance Directives Pro Bono Project and Cancer Pro Bono Project) by adding an enriching community outreach component to the existing Living Wills and Healthcare Powers of Attorney clinical consultations. This project is great for students interested in healthcare law and transactional law.


Healthcare Advocacy training consists of a single 3 to 4 hour training. During the training session, students will learn the importance of advance medical decision planning and how to empower clients to make tough, but necessary choices.

Fall 2017 Training: September 12th @ 4pm in Worrell Room 1106


Healthcare Advocacy offers students the opportunity to participate in two ways: 1) Students can participate during the bi-weekly clinics with patients at Novant and Downtown Health Plaza, and 2) Students can participate in community outreach by giving presentations at community centers and area churches.

For students participating in clinics, we ask that students commit to a regular schedule of at least 2 hours per month. Appointments last about an hour and students have the ability to preschedule appointments on designated days. For students participating in outreach, we ask that students commit to 3 presentations per semester. Presentations last approximately 1.5 hours and are generally paired with a follow-up larger-scale clinic date.


Students learn how to: 1) Conduct client interviews, 2) Counsel patients through a very sensitive subject, and 3) Make presentations to large groups. Great for students interested in health care law, one of the fastest growing areas of law.

Get Involved

To get involved, please email Hailey Cleek at Also, look out for information about training and opportunities in our weekly newsletter and Project Calendar!