Know Your Rights

Know Your RightsOverview

The “Know Your Rights” Project is a highly interactive and rewarding initiative currently in its second year under the Wake Forest Law Pro Bono Project after a pilot presentation kicked off at the end of the Spring (2015) semester under the attorney supervision of Professor Beth Hopkins (retired). At this pilot, project Coordinator, Stephanie Jackson, and four student volunteers led a45-minute presentation to over 30 male inmates at the Cherry Street Prison chapel.

The goal for this initiative is to meet with and educate local communities considered “at-risk ”about the state and federal laws involved in routine interactions with law enforcement officers, including differences between a stop, a conversation, detention, and arrest, in order to decrease the proliferation of non-violent and preventable arrests, which can lead to devastating long-term effects and irreparable harm to one’s personal, educational and professional reputation. A small group of presenters facilitate conversations around the substantive laws involved, the applicable constitutional rights in these different scenarios, and how to apply them; and what the protocol is when dealing with the police officers.


Preparation for each individual presentation takes several hours.

Fall 2017 Training: September 11th @ 12pm in Worrell Room 1101


Presentations will arise throughout the school year and usually take last two to three hours. Normally, five to six students work together in presenting the information.


Great for learning how to explain legal concepts to laypersons and developing public speaking skills.

Get Involved

To learn more about getting involved, contact Darius Lamonte or Brooke Driver. Stay up to date on opportunities through our weekly newsletter and project calendar.