Prison Letters

Prison LettersOverview

Under the supervision of attorneys students in this project focus on providing assistance to prisoners in detention facilities and prisons across North Carolina. Many prisoners are very passionate about the law as it relates to their own case and often need legal resources unavailable inside the prison. Students field requests from prisoners, find the pertinent law, review with supervising attorneys, and mail that information back to the prisoner.


Training for this project lasts about one hour.

Fall 2017 Training: September 8th @ 12pm in Worrell Room 1101


Letters come in throughout the semester. Look for an email from the project coordinator when new letters arrive.


Prison Letters Project is great for those interested in criminal law or legal research generally. This project builds research skills, including using various research sources and narrowing research topics to tailor to specific requests.

Get Involved

To get involved, contact Rebecca Wolfe. Also, look out for information about training and opportunities in our weekly newsletter and Project Calendar!