This project focuses on assisting low-income clients in drafting their will under the supervision of seasoned attorneys. During a clinic, students will meet with a client, listen to her or his wishes regarding how she or he wants her or his property distributed after death, and walk her or him through the drafting process. Students will have the opportunity to assist several clients during a single clinic. Additionally, students will be able to provide community education through supervised presentations.  Some clinics will occur off campus.


Training varies with each clinic, though most training can be completed within an hour. Some clinics do not require training. Instead, attorneys walk students through their first few wills upon arrival on the day of the clinic.

Fall 2017 Training: September 1st @ 12pm in Worrell Room 1101


Wills clinics are set up throughout the school year with multiple opportunities available each semester. The time commitment will vary. On clinic days, the time commitment will be greater at about 3-5 hours. Presentations will require about 2-3 hours commitment. Some off-campus clinics may require an entire day.


Participating in the Wills Project will hone your listening and interviewing skills – two integral skills for any type of lawyer. Secondly, this project provides experience for anyone who is interested in transactional work. Third, you will have an opportunity to network with attorneys through this project. Fourth, by participating in the Wills Project, you will practice drafting skills that can translate to other types of legal drafting. Finally, every lawyer should know how to draft a basic will. This project will help you do that, even if you don’t take Decedents Estates.

Get Involved

Email Brad Fleming or Kristinia Syrigos to learn more. Also, look out for information about training and opportunities in our weekly newsletter and Project Calendar!