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Youth And GovernmentOverview

Youth And Government operates within the Youth Legislature, a national YMCA program that prepares high school students for legal and political leadership. As a participant in YAG, you will explain the appellate court process to high school students and act as coaches throughout the oral argument process. This entails reading their briefs and offering constructive advice for both the briefs and oral arguments. You can read the briefs over Christmas break, which will give you an early first-hand experience to understand what the Moot Court competition is like. YAG is a great way to both contribute to the community and hone your own editing and oral argument skills.


No training required.

Fall 2016 Interest Meeting: September 2nd | 12 p.m. | Classroom 1101


The competition takes place in late January/early February so law students work with the high school students from November to January.


Enhance your briefing skills and oral argument advocacy. By teaching high school students how to write a brief and oral argument, students can strengthen their own understanding of these areas.

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