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Upcoming Events

Date » Time Event
Aug. 29 » 12:00 PMExpungement Training - Pro BonoThe Expungements Project focuses on helping people convicted of misdemeanors and felonies get convictions expunged from their records. Students meet... Room 1101, Worrell
Aug. 31 » 12:00 PMLawyer on the Line Pro Bono TrainingWorking in conjunction with Legal Aid, students screen potential clients to determine whether they have valid legal issues. Students contact clients... Room 1101, Worrell
Sep. 1 » 12:00 PMBan the Box Pro Bono Project TrainingBan the Box is a community initiative started by Circles and The Shalom Project to convince businesses remove the "Have you ever been convicted of a... Room 1301, Worrell
Sep. 6 » 12:00 PMReclaiming Futures Pro Bono Project Interest MeetingIn conjunction with Reclaiming Futures and Big Brother Big Sister, students in this project mentor children in the juvenile system. Children in the... Room 1101, Worrell
Sep. 8 » 12:00 PMPro Bono Immigration Project TrainingThe Immigration Project focuses on educating immigrants about their legal rights and guiding immigrants through the naturalization process. Students... Room 1101, Worrell
Sep. 9 » 12:00 PMWills Pro Bono Project TrainingThe Wills project focuses on assisting low-income clients in drafting their wills under the supervision of seasoned attorneys. Partnering with Legal... Room 1101, Worrell
Sep. 10 » 8:00 AMEducation Surrogacy Pro Bono Project TrainingEducation Surrogacy provides students in the foster care system with "surrogate parents "for their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings. IEPs... Room 1101, Worrell